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Sunday, October 12, 2008
new directions

been sorting out my directions, what I really want to achieve?

 I want to earn my first $3000. I want to have $50,000 by 25. I wonder I can? By all means, I want a time of my own, as and when...

I'm taking car lessons now =) I hope I can get my license by next year :) preferably by June'09.

I've doing fine, as I expected. I'm satisfied with my results, even though I was awake only last 1 1/2yr =) Thats ok...

still working to lighten dark circles... it improve alot though =)

Posted at 10/12/2008 11:27:41 pm by thekoka
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Sunday, February 10, 2008
new goals! 2008

after tiredsome exam and chinese new year. finally back to relaxation! so glad ^^
Goals for 2008 would be...
  1. Improve my skin complexion - no more dark circles and pimples!
  • I'm going to sleep before 11p.m starting from today!
  • 1.6litres of water per day! I'm going to keep a bottle around me everytime^^
  • No soft drinks!
  • Reducing my junk food intake to once per 2 weeks
     2. Get bike license
  • set $1000 aside for my license fee   
     3. Earn $2000
  • Getting temporary job during vacations
     4. Get Gold for my NAPFA!

I think thats all for now... hopefully my good sleeping habits benefit me in many ways. eg wake up early - when people just woke up I had already done most things of the day ^^, seems that the day is longer.. i wake up in the afternoon normally :P I get to sleep early too - it definitely helps in a long run in improving my image. Looking forward to change my bioclock today! biggest goal for 2008 good sleeping habit!!

Posted at 2/10/2008 9:47:54 am by thekoka
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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

1. More than a year - ran in the padi field like samurai & being chased by other samurais
2. Few months back - In a japanese style house with low celing. Inside the house - along with few people whom I have to protect. Took a peek outside of house the check whethers theres people ambush us. Outside the house there is a garden. (greenery)
3. 31 Dec 07 -Being chased by many dark armour samurai evening - night. I was unarmed. Took my families (few child,ladies and some men) and ran. Whereever I ran, I was being scouted by them and the head of that particular samurai. (captain wearing brown)
 * A moment of 'it-is-safe-now-at-the-moment-feeling with this girl maybe called S * what a nice closeup ^_^ and what a warm smile ,a feeling of despite being chased, all its worthwhile for you feeling?

4. 2 Jan 08 - In a wooden house. Japanese Style with a in house fish pond because I saw guppies and water in the part of house. The house was used for training I guess because I was told to avoid the darts, traps of the house . Some kind of if I pass I would become a real one. There's one senior in front guarding that house. I don't know wether I pass successfully not, perharps I did because I got hurt by the last trap but I managed to stay conscious and unharmed look to show to the senior outside as a sign of passing.

Then a occurance with S. S sorf of singing with some other guys and people while I passed by. (guess not the same time as the above) Happy & Smiling seems to be entertaining them? I don't whether she catch me watching. Seems that the place near my place of living. But a feeling of I'll never be with S or why S should entertain? By forced? Their relation? Our relation? I don't know. I passed by with a depressing feeling (don't want to be recognised). Whether I'm of higher rank or lower rank is still unknown and what era and many more. waiting for another episode every night :)

  off- how come I never seen myself armed with weapons yet?

ever since I wished to know more, I've been recalling. No matter who you are to help me recall, I'll be willing as much as I do so...because I need to know as much I need to know. To understand  and grow...

Posted at 1/2/2008 9:40:21 am by thekoka
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Saturday, December 29, 2007
a lazy saturday

Hmph. I managed to get my butts off and started on my Biz Ag tutorial 9 and I completed it ^-^ I decided to take a break but who knows..I took 3hours of break!! It wasss a long break.

Then now I couldn't get myself started on my Cost Ag revision.(Topic 4 to 6) arGhz~

I had too much sleep til my head hurts when I lie on bed. LoL ! When can I stop procrasinating and start working out? I thought I told myself I want to improve my stamina? HaHa! what a day!

Posted at 12/29/2007 5:58:34 pm by thekoka
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Friday, December 28, 2007
Review 2007

Year 2007 was full of happenings year for me. I got attached to HP since the beginning of year, I gained alot of teachings from that. Then I had my attachments, it was straight 6 months and 1month of irrelvant studies(CS & PM) then 3weeks of holiday. LoL!

During the attachments, I gained alot of experience and know alot of friends through it. I get to work outside for the first stopover attachment and second stopover back to school.

I come to a point that not everyone is willing to teach you and they are not expected to teach you anyway. Even if they do teach, they may get impatient. Another pointer - Not everyone is as patient as you think! So! Don't take things for granted, appreciate what is given ^_^ And yes, I don't like that system because I was not paid and my grades were given by bias supervisors. The supervisors' appraisal mark cost me 6 modules! We don't have a choice anyway. Perhaps I should learn boot-licking for next semester 2's attachment and luckily we going to be paid for the next attachment. HaHa Tongue

I also helped out in the prize giving ceremony as an usherer on stage. It was kinda cheapo to school cause we are free labour Sad Anyway I managed to persuade myself, I'll gain lots of psychological experience. LoL, just to make myself happy and more willing to do the work. Nonetheless, I pretty much had no choice because I was one of the people who had little work on hand compared to others.

That day is also the day I diagnosed myself that I had acne. (maybe face masks I used caused the problem) it's Not just plain pimples. It was devastating and annoying. You can go search for acne face images if you want to imagine the situation. I've become extreme introvert because my beautiful face had gone bad. I have become ugly!! GODDDD cry

During that 1month of studies, I practically avoided everyone except my 2 close friends who made ignorant remarks initially but in later stage they realised that I was extremely upset so they quietly stand close to me, giving me supportsSmile

I went to see determologist. The consultant fee and pills was expensive! Senior consultant fee ( 70+ ) I didnt chose him, I just put default on the online appointment booking. The pills(100+ pills for 2months), creams(BP) and cleanser(oil free) altogether cost around $90+..Total burnt $160++

I stayed at home throughout the 3weeks holiday to recuperate. (It wasn't difficult at all! I love to stay at home!) Many friends invited me out but I just cannot go.The acne was serious and I don't want negative attention which I experienced during school. It was hurtful.  During these period, I religiously eat/apply my medicines (pills,cream, cleanser)and then had healthy diets.

Perhaps the determination started from here. I started to think what would I do if I had my beautiful face. I would smile and talk to alot of people. Have plenty confidence and selfesteem. Dress pretty...the list goes on. Since I'm at home all the times, I also start thinking am I living the right way such things, alot of reflections were done. I tried to lose weight by drinking water and fasting, but I realised it just a temporary method. Also I spent my time reading about nutrition facts, exercises, study skills and how to become a better person inside out.

After semester started, my face was not fully healed yet. Its still reddish. It only heal about 1month after the semester started. Smile Ah! yes I also started my academic goals at this semester's beginning (shant elaborate cause it was the previous entry)

I helped out at bazaar during the Christmas season, it was a great exposure ^ . ^j Attended sf bro's wedding, first friend's wedding of my life! More to come! HaHa~ Washed my grandma's clothes n garments(1st time too)..It was full of shit! LoL~ Love cannot be forced, so I'm exposing myself to all possibilities.

I'm a happy person at the end of 2007 Big Smile Will blog about my resolution for 2008 soon!

Posted at 12/28/2007 1:31:26 pm by thekoka
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It's been a year! I was looking through my past entries, it seems that I really hate education alot. HaHa! I guess not now, things have changed.

I remembered that time, it was the teachers who pushed me and I just get pushed without knowing the real meaning behind it. cryMaybe I got pushed too hard that I just emphasised on getting just enough to get by and the ' Why Score? Attitude ' just wanna make myself relax and chilll all the way. All I did was study the day before and burnt tons of midnight oil...

Now I'm self-driven when it comes to test, well I paid a painful lessons to come to this self-driven stage. The school culture plays a huge part because of the cliques and lecturers I had gave me alot of own time. (Meaning, you study/don't study your academic results.its all non of their business.)

I stopped this attitude only few months ago, when I realised that my grades are poor and it's on culmulative basis ( I left only 3 semester!) Then I set myself and very determined to achieve my goal. It was hard to be a self disciplined person once again, but it felt so great when your effort was riped. I was once again motivated to do better!Big Smile

I know the fact that I may not get to the institution I want to get now. But I can do part time studies while working. It maybe tiresome, I believe I can! I just have to give it a try right? Wink

I have become a happier person now because of the freedom and doing the things I had long to do. Yeah~ I'm really glad that I already passed that stage! HaHa

Posted at 12/28/2007 1:07:31 pm by thekoka
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Saturday, June 16, 2007

how long was my past entry? haha, been writing somewhere... well, cos u nv noe who is watching u ^_^

Posted at 6/16/2007 4:08:45 pm by thekoka
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Tuesday, October 10, 2006
I hurt my hip bone

sigh, i wish i could sprint as fast as before again. pls pls pls!

Posted at 10/10/2006 2:48:13 am by thekoka
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Friday, September 29, 2006
internet marketing

  i've been looking at internet marketing recently, does it really works? i thought...

  maybe i should give it a try? what kind of product i shall market? i found emailpro adsense and clickbank...

Posted at 9/29/2006 3:17:40 am by thekoka
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Friday, September 15, 2006
i'm feeling down n down

i'm sad really sad... no matter how much leisure i did, i still feel sad. i'm not doing well now. 

Posted at 9/15/2006 6:45:05 pm by thekoka
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